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 New edition of the new "Village Voice", Newsletter now available. Copies are in the process of being delivered to all households in the Village, so look out for the latest edition coming through your letter box in the next few days if you have not already received a copy. A copy of the 2 sided A4 page issue that makes up the latest issue can also be viewed below by clicking on the appropriate edition links.

We are pleased to receive articles which may be of interest to residents, for inclusion within future issues, please contact the clerk for further information at

Archived Documents - If you wish to view any older newsletters, please contact the Clerk

Village Voice Newsletter - SPRING 2018. 

 Village Voice Newsletter WINTER 2017

 Voice Newsletter Spring 2017  

Village Voice Newsletter Winter 2016   

Village Voice Spring 2016  

Village Voice Spring 2015 

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June 2014 - Page 2.
June 2014 - Page 3.
June 2014 - Page 4.

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