About the Village Council

At full complement, the Village Council has eight Councillors and employs one part-time Clerk & RFO. 

Village Councillors are elected for a four-year term, all giving their time freely and receiving no financial rewards for the time devoted to the Council and representing its residents. 

If the vacancies are not filled by election, then Members may be co-opted.  If a casual vacancy occurs, then a by-election may be called.  Failing this, the replacement may be made by co-option.  The next election will take place in 2020.

Village Councillors

Cllr. Marie Dear, Chair


Cllr Marie Dear

Cllr. Alan Boyce

Cllr Alan Boyce

Cllr. Bob Chapman

Cllr Bob Chapman

Cllr. Suzy Crowe


Cllr. John Dear



 Cllr. Lesley Cowles


cllr lesley cowles
Cllr. Linda Thomas

cllr linda thomas